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Servant Leadership Implementation Process

The Servant Leadership Implementation Process is unique to J.D. Hunter Associates and is being practiced by some of the most successful & admired organizations in America.

The process involves three steps that are implemented over a nine (9) month to one-year period and includes:

  • Foundation:  Setting the Standard
  • Feedback:  Identifying the Gaps
  • Friction:  Eliminating the Gaps & Measuring Results

Included in the implementation process:

  • Foundation:  Setting the standard by training the team on the specifics of Servant Leadership and the required leadership skills and behaviors.  Taught personally by Jim Hunter.
  • Feedback:  Identification of "gaps" is accomplished utilizing a Leadership Skills Inventory (LSI) tool developed by J.D. Hunter Associates. This unique 360° feedback tool clearly identifies the "gaps" between where the manager needs to be as the leader versus their actual level of performance as the leader.
  • Friction:  Establishing specific and measurable goals and measuring behavioral changes.  A Continuous Improvement Panel (CIP) is created to provide managers with support and provides the appropriate"friction" to ensure individual behavior change until those changes become habit (second nature).
  • Included in the process is on-going leadership training on topics such as:
    • Leadership Skills
    • Community (Team) Building
    • Active Listening
    • Assertiveness Training
    • Character Development
    • Constructive Discipline
    • Performance Planning & Review

Please "Contact Us" for a more detailed proposal if you are interested in the Servant Leadership Implementation Process for your organization.


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